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My Golden Cage

My Golden Cage was born out of a “creative outburst”, a need, almost a necessity, to create a space of one’s own, a blank page to fill in, a small “golden cage” where one can create a jewel that is brand new, never seen before, modern, unlike any other, but for everyday use at the very same time.
What really defines and determines it is the union between craftsmanship jewellery, and the consequent preservation of the Italian know-how, and its founder’s background, grounded in years of experience in the fashion system. It is a combination of tradition, research, and innovation abilities. Every jewel holds worlds of inspiration that go from architecture to art, but also design from a more and more glamourous angle.
The experience in jewellery, together with the ability to design, create and study new shapes, revolutionized by not so granted matches, is what makes a My Golden Cage jewel so unique and exclusive. Thanks to the limited and sometimes tailor-made production, every item is infused with a peculiar charm. Rolling, wire drawing, welding, filing, every smoothed scratch, every little polished pore, every step of the processing tells the story of who worked the metal, where the stone to be combined with came from, who designed the shape, the line, and of all those artistic expressions that nourish the creativity at the very base of a jewel.

In My Golden Cage jewels all these short stories are joined together by the versatility of the founder and designer: coming from Sicily, where art and beauty appear in the most diverse forms, and thanks to her “mind-made” approach, her ideas and creativity, she managed to develop a new concept of contemporary jewellery, which is different, sophisticatedly unconventional, striving to establish a niche of their own and a recognizable identity.

Argento 925

The choice of brass is not trivial, as aesthetics needs ethics. In order to reach excellency of ideas, creativity, and quality, we cannot forget the environmental impact. By creating new life using scrap materials we provide an immortal soul to every item and we can also learn to value precious things in a less absolute but far more subjective way.
Coloured stones chose the jewels themselves: raw hard stones such as sodalite, turquoise, fragments of apatite and aquamarine, together with raw corals and freshwater natural pearls, which therefore never look the same. This “flaw” turns into virtue, diversity becomes strength, asymmetry and imperfection are perceived as added value and sign of “uniqueness”.
This vision and research led to the use of leather as founding element of the project. We can find the “Skin to skin” concept in the jewels, which become smooth and cozy. High-quality leather scraps , enriched with a soft touch, give audacity to the items, making them cheeky and eye-catching, but still very light and wearable.

Today, one of My Golden Cage key features is the brave and original use of traditional and unconventional materials. Their combination always originates from an emotional imprinting and as consequence of innovation and research. We should never limit nor restrain creativity, we should never adhere to one system: art is beautiful because it allows us to go everywhere. Every day we fill our eyes with fast and brief images, and this unconscious training gives us a vast archive we can tap into to naturally sort what comes closer to our idea of expression.


My Golden Cage philosophy was born out of an artistic, research, and experimentation need of its creative director, Maria Elena Pino, responsible for the collection development, its vision, and brand image. Its aesthetics vocabulary is deeply influenced and contaminated by the contemporary design and art world, but also by simple natural forms, mixed with memories and observations of everyday life and her past. My Golden Cage brand is built on the idea of combining clean, casual lines, derived from hand-drawn studies of smooth silhouettes, with more or less precious elements, intended to enhance and highlight outlines, volumes, colours, once worn. A new idea of luxury and exclusivity, closer to unconventional ethics and aesthetics.

My Golden Cage di PINO MARIA ELENA © P. IVA: 07725230960 – All Rights Reserved.

My Golden Cage ©

All Rights Reserved.