Maria Elena Pino Designer

My Golden Cage is the brainchild of Maria Elena Pino, fashion designer that for 15 years worked in the fashion system. She took her first steps in style offices in Milan, coming then to major companies such as Giorgio Armani or the INDITEX group in Spain where can better develop the creative skills by living experiences that allowed her understanding and learning various facets of a collection, as to improve even the taste, creative sensibilities and style requirements. From these different and complementary paths, has had the need to recreate the space, a white page or a small golden cage where to create something beautiful and special.

This is the story of My Golden Cage, born accidentally and beacause of a need as creative outburst, the need to express by hand and, as an artist, have an instant gratification after creating the work. For this each piece of jewelry is thought to itself and rises from a careful research with frequent references to contemporary art and design.



   Maria Elena Pino